Makeup Junkie Bag Glam Stripe

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Makeup Junkie Bags was founded by a true makeup junkie who was tired of wasting money on cosmetic bags that didn’t deliver. If they were wide enough, they fell over, sending cosmetics tumbling about. If they were deep enough, they became a black hole where you couldn’t find anything you need. If they were pretty, the interior was not water resistant / washable and became dirty very quickly. MJ designed her own pattern for the perfect cosmetic bag that lays flat on a surface, and has an elongated medial zipper that allows the bag to gape open allowing easy access to all materials while eliminating the chances that the bag will fall over sending products everywhere.

Mini 8x4

Small 9x7

Medium 11.5x73.5

Large 14x10

Bag sizes will vary up to 3/4 in size due to fabric density

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