Medical Mary Paws CBD - Cannine and Feline

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Give your pets the support they deserve with PAWS!

PAWS is a powdered, nutraceutical-infused 100% THC-FREE CBD supplement that can be added to your pet’s food every day. It starts with Glucosamine and MSM, commonly used to strengthen aging joints and calm your dog’s nerves, then we add Ginger—a natural anti-inflammatory with a few key health benefits—and a gentle dose of our All-American CBD.


PAWS Provides Soothing Comfort for Pets in a No-Mess Powder Packet.

Pets suffer from a variety of health issues that can be difficult to diagnose and expensive to treat. Pharmaceuticals can also leave smaller pets dazed and uncomfortable.

Give your best friend relief from nagging joint pain, frayed nerves, and a variety of other issues with PAWS, our special powdered CBD extract fortified with key nutraceuticals and a delicious Beef flavor to maximize your pet’s health and happiness …

PAWS is infused with:

Glucosamine: A common supplement used to speed healing and strengthen aging hips & joints. Side effects are extremely rare, and the anti-inflammatory effect combines with our CBD to reduce your pet’s pain.

MSM: Provides well-documented joint health benefits for dogs. Though it’s not as well-known as Glucosamine, MSM is rapidly gaining as one of the most popular analgesic pet supplements on the market today.

Ginger: A natural anti-inflammatory that provides remarkable relief for pets showing symptoms of arthritis, and can help ease symptoms of nausea.

Maltodextrin: Used to bind all the ingredients into a no-mess powder form (just drop it into their dinner), maltodextrin ensures rapid and full absorption of each supplement (including the CBD extract) for quick relief.

Beef Flavor: Because what dog (or cat) doesn’t love beef?

Refined from Organic hemp grown in America by family farmers, our CBD oil is highly potent, 100% THC FREE and tested by third party labs at a level of 99.8% purity

Each product is certified compliant with ALL regulations and legal in 50 states, and produced in an FDA-approved packaging & blending facility.

What’s Inside?
300 MG CBD per bottle – beef flavor. Pharmacist formulated 100% Pure CBD.

Serving Size:
Dosage by weight:

  • Up to 50 lbs: 1/2 Scoop Daily
  • 51 – 100 lbs: 1 Scoop Daily
  • 101 lbs & Over: 1 1/2 Scoops Daily

Mix with moist food or snack

Made for Dogs. Not intended for use in humans. Not proven safe for pregnant or breeding animals. Consult a Veterinarian before use of this or any similar product. Store bottle in a cool, Dry place, out of reach of children and pets.

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