Modgy Luminary Eggcellent

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Modgy Luminary Lanterns set the mood in any space with the addition of water and water-activated, floating LED candles. These durable, plastic luminaries feature modern, graphic designs and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Modgy luminaries complement an elegant wedding, trendy dinner party or relaxed patio gathering and are also perfect for every day living. Modgy Luminary Lanterns will not break or chip and eliminate concerns about fire hazards due to the use of flameless, floating candles.

The tradition of Easter eggs may have evolved from the pagan festival of Eostre, the goddess of Spring. As ancient symbols of new life, eggs were exchanged and eaten during the celebration. Later, eggs were used by Christian missionaries to illustrate a natural parallel to the resurrection as well as adapting the name, Easter, for the religious holiday.

Includes: 4 Luminaries and 4 water-activated, floating LED candles. Batteries included.


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