Dry Spell Water Defender Bag

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The Dry Spell Water Defender Bag.
For when H2O is a no-no.

Simply slip your phone inside this protective bag, and worry no more.
This handy water defender bag is the perfect phone protection for attending sports outings, relaxing at the pool, or playing at the beach. Sturdy locks clamp your device safely inside & shield it from the elements. The clear window allows you to keep on texting, surfing, or taking photos all the while.
You may find this hard to believe, but the Dry Spell also floats. Yes, that’s right. Floats. On. The. Top. Of. The. Water. Whew, no more fear of your coveted phone ending up at the bottom of the lake.
This versatile bag fits every iPhone ever made! Yep, from the original iPhone to the iPhone 7 Plus & other phones with displays up to 5.5”, this bag has you more than covered.
While the Dry Spell is not meant for scuba diving or shark nuzzling, you can rest assured that this bag will keep the elements away from your phone as you walk the beach or fish for The Big One. It's really not meant for prolonged submersion in water (even though we kept one in a fish bowl for over a week), but it's perfect for sharing protected sunset selfies and texting proud pics of your next big catch.

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