5 Must-Have Outfits for Any Woman when Moving to Florida

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5 Must-Have Outfits for Any Woman when Moving to Florida

Making the move to the Sunshine State is both exciting and stressful, but when it comes to making sure you have the right wardrobe that is both on trend and Florida climate friendly, there’s plenty from which to choose. Below are five outfits that any woman should have in her wardrobe when moving to Florida, including staple pieces that can be mixed and matched to create several different looks. 


T-Shirt and Jeans


While the fashion scene in Florida is bright, colorful, flowy, and alive, we all have those days when we just want to be comfy in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. The most popular tees are those with cute or funny sayings, such as the “Going Out Shirt” or “I’m Sorry for What I Said Before My Coffee” casual tee. When paired with your favorite pair of jeans and some cute flip-flops, such as these Solei Sea Metallic Silver ones, you can feel casual and stylish at the same time. 


A Long, Flowy Dress


There’s no better way to beat the heat without sacrificing style than with a long, flowing maxi dress. The options here are endless, but some of the trending options include sleeveless maxi dresses with bright colors, such as the Omika Paola Maxi Dress in Tanvi Berry and long sleeved maxi dresses with bold patterns such as the Omika Palma Button-Down Maxi in Vanya Ink. When paired with a gorgeous pair of sandals, such as the Solei Sea Metallic Gold flip-flop, you can stay comfortable and look amazing at the same time. 


A Stylish Tank & Shorts


If you’re planning an excursion to one of Florida’s many popular attractions, such as the Venetian Village in Naples, there’s nothing better than a stylish tank top paired with some comfortable, yet trendy shorts. You can stick to something simple, such as the Another Love Cleo ribbed tank in plain white, but you can also make a bold statement with something like the Aldo Martins Denise top with its bold leafy pattern. These pair especially well with a Bermuda-style short, and the Jag Maddie 8-inch pull-on short is a great choice. 


A Formal Dress


Every woman needs an appropriate formal dress to suit those special occasions, and it never hurts to have at least one or two hanging in your closet for that impromptu trip to a black tie restaurant. Of course, this means you should have the iconic “little black dress” available for a night out on the town, but adding a fitted formal gown with a pair of eye-catching sandals is a great idea, too. 


Comfortable Loungewear


Florida has a lot to offer, but sometimes you just want to stay in your pajamas and binge-watch your favorite series - we all do. That means you’ll need some comfortable loungewear that is perfect for enjoying the day. Some of the best options include a jogger set such as this PJ Salvage Love Lines top and bottom as well as this stunning PJ Salvage Happy Days Are Here striped top and matching short

Although Florida is known for its muggy heat, that doesn’t stop anyone from expressing themselves through their fashion choices. The five outfits above are considered staples in a busy woman’s life, and the individual pieces are hand-picked to suit both the weather and the local trends. 


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