What to Wear on These 5 Common Occasions during Your Florida Vacation

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What to Wear on These 5 Common Occasions during Your Florida Vacation

There’s a lot you will want to see and experience during your Florida vacation, and it’s important to dress appropriately for not only the resort dress requirements but also for your comfort and style. Below are five of the most common activities you might participate in while on vacation and some excellent dress ideas for each one. 


#1 - Lunch Date


Lunch dates are quite common among Florida vacationers, and you’ll see plenty of people out with their friends, their spouses, and even their entire families. If you have a lunch date booked during your trip, you’ll want to wear something casual and stylish, yet comfortable and loose to beat the afternoon heat. A nicely-fitted polo is always a great option, especially when the fabric is infused with UPF! You might pair it with a simple mid-rise short or a longer figure-flattering Bermuda-style short


#2 - Shopping Trip


Spending the day out shopping can be an experience to remember, especially if you’re visiting places like the Venetian Village in Naples. In this case, you’ll want to look your best, but you’ll also want to keep yourself cool; the restaurants, people, and sun can make the area quite warm. A fantastic option here might be a knee-length tank dress in a bold pattern like this Young, Fabulous & Broke “Copal” dress in an Atlantic Seashell pattern. For more coverage, you might opt for a gorgeous and flowy maxi dress, like this Hale Bob Aruba Maxi.


#3 - Day at the Beach


The beach is the perfect place to show off your favorite swimwear, but you don’t want to forget the other fashion essentials. A tote bag in bright, bold colors is trending right now; make sure it’s large enough to hold all of your essentials. Haute Shore makes totes in a wide range of colors and patterns that are perfect for your day at the beach. Options include this Ryan Yacht tote in gorgeous blue and the Greyson Wow tote in bright orange and hot pink. For your feet, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of rose gold flip-flops. Finally, a simple t-shirt dress with pockets makes an excellent quick cover-up!


#4 - Dinner 


Florida nights can get a little chilly, so if you’re going out for dinner after dark, it’s best to dress in layers. Your exact look will depend on whether you’re dining in a formal establishment or something a little more relaxed, but in either case, a cashmere topper is a perfect addition to your style. It comes in a wide range of colors, including Sky, Cream, and even bold Tickled Pink. They pair well with pendant necklaces, too. 


#5 - Cruise or Day Aboard a Boat

No trip to Florida is complete without a day out on a cruise ship or boat, and it’s especially important to dress appropriately for the weather. Out on the open water, it can be quite windy and warm. It’s best to dress in light, comfortable layers that you can take off or put on according to your comfort level. This Corinna dress from Omika is perfect, and it even has pockets! You can wear it over your swimsuit during the heat of the day, and in the evening - or if the wind gets chilly - you can pair it with a cute denim jacket


Florida vacations are great for making lifetime memories, and while you want to dress appropriately and look your best for every occasion, it’s also important to keep your own comfort in mind. Whether it’s shopping in Venitian Village or spending a day aboard a cruise ship, wear what makes you feel good both inside and out. 


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