Looking for the Perfect Outfit or Resort Wear? Try the Venetian Village in Naples, FL

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Looking for the Perfect Outfit or Resort Wear? Try the Venetian Village in Naples, FL

The Venetian Village in Naples, Florida is a popular destination among tourists and locals alike. It offers more than 45 different retailers and waterside restaurants, and over the last several years, it has become known to the locals as the Jewel of Naples. If you’re looking for the perfect pieces to add to your resort wardrobe, the Venetian Village is the place to be. 


What is Venetian Village?


Venetian Village is a waterfront shopping center on Venetian Bay that has been designed to mimic the wonderful architecture you would find in Venice, Italy. It’s the perfect combination of boutiques, restaurants, souvenir shops, and a wide range of other services that people love to frequent all throughout the year. It’s especially well-known for its waterfront restaurants that provide a beautiful and delicious dining experience with one of the best views in the nation. If you’re a new local looking for the perfect place to shop for your springtime wardrobe staples, or if you’re on vacation in Florida and you want some beautiful, trendy pieces to take home with you, then Venetian Village is the place to be. 


Defining Resort Wear


Resort wear encompasses a wide range of clothing options, but it’s important to understand that many of the resorts in Florida - and especially the upscale options - have dress codes that their patrons must adhere to. As a style, though, resort wear can be described as casual, but stylish. It may include pieces like flowing dresses, oversized hats, sandals and flip-flops, and capri pants, but resort wear can also include far more formal attire such as evening dresses, dinner jackets, and even suits. 


Why Shop for Fashion at Venetian Village?


If you’re looking for the perfect resort wear to suit not only the Florida climate, but also your own personal sense of style, Venetian Village is the perfect place. There are dozens of boutiques offering high-quality pieces from some of today’s hottest designers, so whether you’re looking for a leopard-print swimsuit coverup or a beautiful and bold maxi dress that you can wear virtually anywhere, you’re sure to find it. Aside from these main pieces, you can also find plenty in the way of accessories, purses, tote bags, sunglasses - everything you could possibly need to stay on-trend in Florida, whether you’re a local, a newcomer, or a vacationer. 


Don’t Know Where to Start? Look for These Pieces


If you’re not sure where to begin in your search for pieces that suit Florida’s trending fashion, Lux Boutique offers a wide range of dresses, tops, bottoms, bags, accessories, and even shoes that are sure to put a smile on your face. Each piece is carefully curated to provide shoppers with the highest-quality and trendiest clothing and accessory options, so no matter which pieces you choose, you can feel confident that you will fit right in with Florida’s fashion-forward communities. The selection is also designed to prioritize comfort without sacrificing style, so you can look great and feel amazing at the same time! 


Venetian Village is home to some of Florida’s hottest boutiques and restaurants, so whether you’re going out shopping for a specific piece of clothing or accessory or you’re just interested in browsing the wares before stopping for a waterside lunch, you’re sure to enjoy yourself there.


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