Start 2022 with a Super Organized and Functional Closet

Start 2022 with a Super Organized and Functional Closet

If you’ve been experiencing a feeling of absolute dread at the thought of having to find a specific piece of clothing or pair of shoes in your closet, it may be time to get stuck in and get it organized once and for all. Not only will it make things easier when you’re getting dressed or packing the laundry away; you’ll be able to see at a glance if there are any gaps in your clothing choices that need to be filled. 

The tips below will provide some guidance with regards to starting 2022 off with the most organized closet around:


Remove Everything


Before attempting to organize your closet, it’s best to unpack and remove everything – yes everything, including those mystery boxes at the back of the top shelf – so that you can see the amount of space you’ll have to work with.


Relocate Large Items wherever Possible


if you have space anywhere else in your home or garage for large items like camping gear, sports equipment, large pieces of luggage or even the vacuum cleaner, now is the time to find a better spot for storing them – such as a hallway closet, for example.


The Purge is Real


After evicting everything from your closet, it’s time to start sorting through all of your clothing items and shoes. 

Start by visually inspecting each piece of clothing for stains or damage such as missing buttons, rips or loose seams and place these items in a pile of their own. You can decide whether to repair these or toss them once the rest of your clothing has been dealt with. 

Place items you want to keep in another pile so they can go back in the closet afterwards, and finally, set the items aside that you no longer want in another pile so that they can either be sold or donated to make room in your closet. 

Shoes should also be fitted so you can see if they are still comfortable and whether they match the rest of your wardrobe or not. Anything that is badly worn can be added to the ‘toss’ pile and items you no longer want can be added to your ‘donate’ or ‘sell’ piles.


Clean your Closet and Upgrade Lighting


Now that everything’s out of your closet, vacuum or sweep as needed and ensure that walls and shelves are clean. 

Most closets also have poor quality lighting; so upgrading it with LED lights will make a tremendous difference when it comes to searching for your favorite clothing and shoes. In some cases, it may be necessary to have an electrician install additional light fixtures – especially if there are dark corners because of the way shelving has been mounted. 

Removing unwanted items from your closet will not only free up some space; you’ll be doing a good deed at the same time by donating any unwanted items to charity that are still in clean and wearable condition.


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