Looking For The Best Fashion Skort? Try UP! Pants

Looking For The Best Fashion Skort? Try UP! Pants

UP! Pants are known for their ‘thincredible’ fit. They make clothing based on functionality, comfort, and style. UP! Pants have the best fashion skorts. They’re flattering and functional. Whether you like a dressy or a sporty look, skorts can be a cute trend to try. Skorts are back in style and have been reappearing on the runway and in boutiques. Skorts aren’t just for school uniforms anymore. Just like loose-fitting trousers, and low-rise jeans, skorts of the 90s have returned.

Skorts are a cute summer trend to try. Skorts are functional and comfortable for everyday wear. They are a cross between shorts and a gorgeous skirt. Skorts have the comfort of shorts with the elegant look of a skirt. You can wear something super short to stay cool on a hot day without worrying about exposing too much skin. UP! has several gorgeous floral skorts with pockets and tummy control panels. The UP! Pants Summer Skort is white with bright, gorgeous flowers and is 18.5” long. The UP! Pants Jardin Skort is the same length but is covered in colorful blossoms with a few black leaves in the design.

They are great for looking cute and sporty while playing a game of tennis or round of golf, but the fashion world has reinvented the skort and brought them back with some flair. The traditional skort design has a flowing skirt front and the back looks like a pair of shorts. Designers have modified and improved their styles to reinvent the look and offer more options. Some skorts have a soft short in the back that looks flowy, others have a full skirt with just the lining of shorts beneath to give the appearance of a flowy skirt. They can be paired with a button-down for a cute, casual look. 

Skorts are versatile and suitable for many occasions. They are classic and comfortable and are a practical alternative to traditional skirts. In the 50s when women started experimenting with shorter skirts, these skirts with shorts attached gave women more confidence to try shorter styles. Skorts are versatile and sporty and are ideal for physical activity like jogging, walking, and biking.

Skorts are sensible and easy to dress up or down. The UP! Pants Flower Gingham Skort is 18.5” long with a tummy control panel for shaping. It features a black and white gingham pattern with beautiful red and blue blossoms in the foreground. These skorts are perfect for hot summer days. These skorts are available in other fun patterns like Aruba, Multi Palm, Bright Paisley, Scribble, and many more...

There may be days when you want to wear a skirt, but it’s too windy. If you choose a skort you won’t have to worry about the wind blowing your skirt up. They are a bit more of a pulled-together look than shorts alone. They offer freedom, style, and convenience and are available in many designs to fit your style and preferences. Choosing a skort with a bit of length can make them look less sporty. A few accessories can dress up a basic skort like a fitted blazer and heels. Try Lux Boutique and give UP! Pants brand skorts a try this summer.


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