Mad about Mugs? Choose from our Incredible Selection

Mad about Mugs? Choose from our Incredible Selection

Have you been searching for the right gift for that someone special in your life, but keep coming up empty handed? Tired of resorting to chocolates and flowers year after year? If so, you may not have seen our incredible range of unique and stylish coffee mugs. Here are some reasons why one or more of the mugs from our unique collection will be the ideal gift for a cherished friend, partner or spouse.


It Provides a Personal Touch

It’s often difficult to choose the perfect gift for someone special, especially if the person already has everything they need. One of the main benefits of mugs are that they can be used at any time, which allows the recipient to be reminded of the giver each time they sip their favorite hot beverage from it. Not many other gifts get as personal as that!


Have a Reminder at the Office

Many individuals who work in corporate environments or elsewhere outside the home like to have one or two little personal touches at their desks to remind them of home and their loved ones – and a coffee mug is usually ideal for this purpose. Research has revealed that more than 60% of individuals who have a special coffee mug noted that they have a personal connection to it.


Add to a Collection

These days, people collect just about anything – and mugs are certainly no exception to this rule! If the special person in your life is an avid collector of mugs, giving them another one to add to their collection will definitely make their day. Our slant hexagon and artisanal mugs will make the perfect addition to anyone’s collection. If your special person already has a favorite takeout mug, our coffee cozies will be a perfect something extra to give them. 


Enjoy a Little Humor

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of coffee mugs available that have had humorous slogans printed on them – including some of those in our range. Each time the recipient sees their personal mug and saucer, the slogan on it will bring a smile to their faces – regardless of the type of day they may be having at the office. 


It’s a Great Value for Money Gift

Another reason why one or more of the mugs and coffee cozies in our collection will make a great gift is that they’re excellent value for money. Starting at just $5 for our coffee cozies and $12 for some of our slogan mugs, chances are that you’ll be able to give more than one mug as a gift if you like. Mug and saucer sets in our range start from $24 as well. 


With the wide range of mugs available in our collection, the most difficult thing you’ll have to do is choose which of them you’d like to give as a gift. If the mug you’re giving doesn’t come with its own saucer, our range of silicone coasters will make the perfect addition. 



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