Update your Living Room Décor with our Fabulous Pillows

Update your Living Room Décor with our Fabulous Pillows

Using throw pillows as part of your living room’s décor may not seem like it will make much of a difference, but these accessories have the ability to make a huge impact on the end result. When it comes to the seating in your living room, adding a few throw pillows will help bring out some of the more subtle design features in the room. The tips below will help ensure that your new throw pillows will help your living room décor pop. 


Consider Replacing Covers

If you’re happy with the overall sizes and condition of the pillows you already have, consider purchasing replacement covers for them in different patterns and/or colors. This can help give your living room a brand new look with little to no effort at all, while also ensuring that the sizes of pillows remain the same overall.


Don’t be Afraid to Mix and Match

One of the best ways to do this is to choose one common color that ties all of the decorative throw pillows together, but by using various patterns, shapes and styles to do so. Pillows can then be arranged on chairs, larger sofas or even down on the floor area to create inviting spots for guests to relax. 


Repeat Pillow Patterns across the Room

Even if the pillows you’ve chosen are different colors, having a shared pattern on them will help bring everything together. You can even use various sized decorative pillows on all of your chairs and sofas – virtually anything will do if you’re looking to create a fun effect. Creating layers with large and smaller pillows on sofas can convey a sense of abundance and extra comfort as well. 


Work some Magic with Solid Colors

If you prefer a more monochromatic appearance in your living room, consider using a more tonal color palette. If you’d like to incorporate the ‘wow’ factor, incorporating bright colored pillows into your backdrop of more neutral colored furniture can help you achieve this effect with ease. Consider adding just a little extra flair by layering patterned pillows with those that are solid colors. 


Scale Pillows according to the Furniture you have

When purchasing your new pillows, consider the size of each furniture piece in your living room before making a decision. If you have a low-backed chair, it will look fantastic when you place smaller, rectangular pillows on it. Larger or overstuffed furniture will usually look better when bigger pillows are added to it. 

From basic lumbar to smaller round and intricately embroidered decorative pillows, there’s sure to be a few items in our range that will be a perfect match in your home. Each of the pillows contains the highest quality fill and covers have been manufactured from 100% cotton to ensure durability, color and design vibrancy. If you’ve been struggling to find the right pillows to give your living room the design update it needs, you won’t go wrong with our selection. 



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