Why Every Woman’s Wardrobe Deserves a Quality Theodora

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Why Every Woman’s Wardrobe Deserves a Quality Theodora

The theodora dress has been around for millenia, and it’s just as stylish now as it was a thousand years ago. Aside from having a rich history, the theodora offers beautiful style and functionality in today’s modern world. In fact, every woman deserves a quality theodora in her wardrobe - especially if she loves spending quality time at the beach or poolside. 


The History of the Theodora


The theodora is a modern twist on an ancient Byzantine dress style that can be still be seen today in dozens - if not hundreds - of Roman paintings. Byzantine fashion was all about the fabric, and women of stature tended to have yards upon yards of lavish fabrics imported from locations around the world. The wealthy people of that era would use as much fabric as they could to create their clothing pieces, which were often brightly colored with bold patterns. Since luxurious materials and dyes weren’t widely available, the theodora was the epitome of wealth and luxury. Today’s theodora plays upon that history with its squared, oversized style and bright colors. 


The Benefits of Owning a Quality Theodora


Following in the tradition of the Byzantine era, today’s quality theodoras are made with luxurious silk. This stunning option in a Bohemian Paisley pattern by Trina Turk is crafted with Silk Crepe de Chine, which is so soft and smooth that it almost feels like you are wearing nothing at all. The theodora can be worn by itself with a pair of pumps and bold jewelry for a night on the boardwalk, but it can also be tossed on over your swimsuit and worn with a pair of coordinating flip-flops for a casual, comfortable look. The relaxed fit makes it perfect for all-day wear, and because it’s so comfortable, it may become your favorite dress. 


Finding the Right Theodora for You


When shopping for a high-quality theodora, there are three things to consider if you want to stick to the traditional Byzantine-era style.


  • 100% Silk - Silk was the top of the line material in the Roman days, and it’s still considered a luxury material today - especially when it’s quality silk. A classic theodora is always made from 100% silk.
  • Squared Structure - Remember that Byzantine women made their clothing with as much fabric as possible. Today’s theodoras emulate this with their squared or semi-squared shape.
  • Bright Colors & Bold Patterns - Finally, the more colorful the piece, the more luxurious the Roman people considered it to be. Colors like deep blue and purple were especially rare, so they were some of the most coveted. Today’s theodoras take a page from this book as they come in bright colors, bold patterns, or both. 


A quality theodora is one of the most luxurious and versatile pieces of clothing that any woman can own. There are so many different colors, shapes, and styles that it can be difficult to choose. However, the first time you put it on, you’ll immediately know why they are so popular among vacationing beachgoers and Florida natives alike.


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