Looking for Grown-Up Stocking Stuffers? Here are 5 Fun Options to Consider This Year

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Looking for Grown-Up Stocking Stuffers? Here are 5 Fun Options to Consider This Year

Finding stocking stuffers for the littles in your life is a fairly simple ordeal. Some candy, a pair of mittens, and a small toy or two will usually do the trick. When it comes to stockings for the grown-ups, though, things can get a bit tricky. Below are five fun options to consider tucking into the grown-ups’ stockings so that they, too, can feel like kids on Christmas. 


#1 - Boozy Candy


Candy is always a holiday favorite, but you’ll want to be sure to keep this candy out of the reach of children. That’s because these delicious gummies pack a surprising punch - of gin, that is. Smith & Sinclair Gin Obsessed Alcohol Cocktail Gummies are a wonderful grown-up stocking stuffer that everyone on your gift list is sure to appreciate. They’re made with premium spirits as well as fresh fruits and herbs for a cocktail that’s best eaten and not stirred. 


#2 - Threatening Home Goods


Receiving a soap dispenser in your stocking might sound weird at first, but not if it’s this kitchen soap pump from Buffalovely. It serves as a good reminder for both parts of a happy couple to do their part of the dishes, and it’s sure to garner a few good belly laughs, too. Buffalovely also makes this hilarious “Quitter” wine bottle stopper that is the perfect accessory for any wine lover’s collection. 


#3 - A Bougie Advent Calendar Filled with Caramel 


The McCrea’s Caramels in this giftable Advent calendar ain’t your grandpa’s Werther's Originals. Instead, they’re gourmet caramels that are surprisingly delicious and come in different flavors for every day of advent. Some of the caramel varieties include Chocolate Peppermint, Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt, Cinnamon Clove, and Black Lava Sea Salt. It’s the perfect way to help the caramel lovers in your life celebrate Advent as it provides the opportunity to experience some new and unusual flavors. 


#4 - Emergency Travel Candles - with a Twist


If there’s one thing everyone needs but never seems to have, it’s an emergency candle kit. After all, we never know when we’re going to be left in the dark. If you’re going to stuff some stockings with emergency supplies, you can’t go wrong with Whiskey River. They offer functional, yet hilarious options, such as candle tins that say “Because Children” and come in a Wine Popsicle scent. Another buttermilk-scented option says “Not Enough Cats”. Each candle burns for up to four hours and comes with a matchbook. 


#5 - Wine. Always Wine. 


If you’re still at a loss, you can never (and we mean never) go wrong with a bottle of wine as a stocking stuffer. You can go for the classics, such as a Pinot Grigio, or you can opt for a little-known brand in a brand new, never-before-tried flavor. Just be sure that you package each bottle in one of these hilarious cotton wine bags with sayings like, “Sip me baby, one more time” or “Life’s too short to drink bad wine.” They’re reusable, too! 


Stuffing grown-up stockings can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re prepared to make the people in your life giggle. From rude home goods to bougie and booze-filled candies, there are plenty of options out there to please just about anyone in your life - and don’t forget to snag a couple for yourself, too!


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