Want to Give Back for the Holidays? Check Out These 4 Florida Charities

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Want to Give Back for the Holidays? Check Out These 4 Florida Charities

For many people, the holidays are a time to gather, exchange gifts, and enjoy a hearty meal. Unfortunately for many people in the Naples area, the holidays are a time of struggle and sadness. Lux Boutique is committed to donating to numerous local charities, and many of these very same organizations could use your help, as well. If you want to give back for the holidays, check out these four organizations committed to aiding people and pets in Naples and beyond. 


Pace Center for Girls


Collier County’s Pace Center is in the rural town of Immokalee, and since 1988, they’ve served thousands of girls through their Pace Reach program and academic Day Program. The facility is fitted with a state-of-the-art kitchen and gymnasium so they can provide the girls with two healthy meals and exceptional physical education for high school credits each day. The Pace Center offers leadership, process monitoring, goalsetting, education, counseling, and mental health services, among others. Lux Boutique is proud to provide cash donations to the local branch of the Pace Center for Girls each year. 


Mutt Society


The Mutt Society is a group of riders who use bicycles to improve communities - including the Naples area - worldwide. The organization regularly gathers bikes to donate to children, and they use their bikes to facilitate improved mental and physical help throughout the areas they serve. The Mutt Society believes that bicycles can provide a sense of freedom by expanding individuals’ accessible worlds, and they work hard to help communities in need expand their tourism, plan fundraising events, and more. Because of their excellent outlook and reach, Lux Boutique makes monetary donations to Mutt Society every year. 


Eva’s Closet


Eva’s Closet is an organization committed to helping individuals and families in need regardless of their circumstances and without any judgment. They focus on providing everyday necessities such as clothing, food, hygiene products, household goods, and baby items, and as of the time of writing, Eva’s Closet serves more than 1500 people and families each month. Lux Boutique hosts an annual Toy Drive benefitting Eva’s Closet, and they also regularly donate clothing items to the organization for distribution to women in need. 




SNIP, or the Spay and Neuter Initiative Program, offers low-cost clinics and other spay and neuter services throughout Collier County. There are numerous ways to support SNIP, including making monetary donations and purchasing the Spay and Neuter License Plate during your next renewal at the Florida DMV. SNIP has two separate missions you can donate to:


  • Low-Cost Clinic - SNIP is focused on ending unnecessary euthanasia due to the pet overpopulation crisis with its low-cost spay and neuter program. It’s their main mission, and all donations help fund their clinic spay and neuter services.
  • Helping Paws - Helping Paws is committed to saving the lives of animals that have been surrendered to the SNIP organization due to illness or injury. Helping Paws also helps families and individuals who cannot afford necessary veterinary care for their pets.  These animals need far more than just a spay or neuter to survive, and the Helping Paws Medical Fund exists for this purpose. 


Lux Boutique collects donations for SNIP regularly to help animals throughout Collier County and reduce overpopulation. 


The holiday season is all about giving, and for many people, that means giving back to their communities and helping people and animals in need. Each of the four organizations above are incredibly active in the Naples-area community, and 100% of your donations go to families or pets in need.


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