These Funny Socks will Keep Your Toes Giggling

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These Funny Socks will Keep Your Toes Giggling

Whether you need a laugh yourself or you’re looking for the perfect gift for the smartass in your life, these funny socks by Blue Q will keep your toes giggling.

If you’ve ever gotten socks as a gift, there’s a good chance you were a bit disappointed. However, the truth is that socks are actually a pretty personal gift, especially if someone goes out of their way to find the perfect pair. Whether you need a laugh yourself or you’re looking for the perfect gift for the smartass in your life, these funny socks by Blue Q will keep your toes giggling. 


For Him


If you believe the stereotypes, men are the kings of childish humor. After all, dad jokes are a thing. Before giving your husband or dad another pair of boring argyle socks for Christmas, take a look at some of Blue Q’s options, instead. Some of the most popular ones include, “Chili Dogs are a Man’s Best Friend,” “Ain’t No Bad Joke Like a Dad Joke,” and “Classic Rock Socks: Turn That Shit Up!” Of course, this is only a small sampling, so feel free to browse the Blue Q collection for something that’s absolutely perfect. 


For Her


Ladies love a good giggle now and then, and there’s no shortage of hilarious Blue Q socks with sayings that will make her laugh, blush, or both. Some of the best ones are the bright yellow “Turns out I’m tough as shit” pair and the stunning floral “Watch out, I’ll f*ckin’ hug you.” For the moms out there, there’s a perfectly cute blue-gray pair that says “I Love My Asshole Kids” and another simple cream and brown pair with a gentle reminder: “Don’t Make Mommy Be a Bitch”. There are dozens of options, and there’s sure to be the perfect pair for yourself or someone special in your life. 


For Anyone


Not all of Blue Q’s rip-roaring socks have a gender bias; in fact, some of them are funny no matter who you are. Some of the best examples include a bright orange striped pair that says “Fun Person Alert” or a pure black pair with thought bubbles exclaiming “I am going to get shit done. Later.” Of course, there’s also a gray pair that says “Not gonna lie, I just make shit up.” We all know someone who needs those socks. No matter who you’re shopping for - your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, the mailman - you’re sure to find something special. 


For Yourself 


Buying funny gifts for other people can be a blast, but sometimes, you just need a little pick-me-up yourself. Blue Q has an extensive sock collection, so you are free to be as vulgar or as G-rated as you want. If you’ve recently endured a breakup, for example, you might like the “Heading to My Next Mistake” socks. If that’s too relatable and you appreciate the joys of perfectly random humor, grab a pair that says “Kale is on everything these days. Even socks.” It’s so ridiculous it’s hilarious.

A simple, affordable, yet absolutely side-splitting pair of socks makes a fantastic gift for a friend, a family member, or even for yourself. With so many bright colors and styles from which to choose, you’re sure to find the perfect pair. Whether it’s potty mouth humor or something so silly that it just makes you scratch your head, socks aren’t the boring gift they’re made out to be. 



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